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Sarah + Nick - A Surprise Pelican Hill Engagement

When your best friend gets engaged and you’re in the wedding industry - it’s kind of a big deal. Years ago my high school best friend, Sarah and I reconnected. For a good time I was hearing about her boyfriend and at that time, she already knew this was the man she wanted to marry. Naturally I made it my mission to hang out with him asap and as much as a could. Does anyone else have a hard time breaking this wall down with their friends sometimes? Maybe it’s the boys not wanting to be judged or they just want to be with their guy friends? I don’t know. But for some reason it seems to always be a little difficult am I right? And now Nicky knows I’m the funnest so theres that!

So once I finally got in to Sir Nick’s busy schedule, I was absolutely in love with him - that is in love with him for my best friend to marry. Passed the test.

Years later when he started planning his proposal, I was so honored to be included in the planning process. It was one of the hardest things holding back as a creative, but I wanted this to be about him and his woman. So with just a tiny bit of help from me - and lots of photographs he surprised his bride and made (to date) the best night of her life!

I loved, loved being able to capture this for now, two of my best friends! XOXO


Alta Vista Country Club Wedding - Katie + Brandon - Orange County

It was all smiles and laughter, as Katie and Brandon prepared for their nuptials at Alta Vista Country Club in Orange County, California. There is not a better word I can think than to describe their day but-- perfectly happy! The bride, Katie lounges between makeup and finishing hair.


What a gorgeous ring! Here it sits atop pearl covered converse sneakers that the bride wore allowing her to dance the night in style and comfort.

Mama, sis, and maid of honor help the bride into her dress.

I love the effort couples put in. It's the little details that really make it yours. Check out the cute hanger.

Katie, you made such a stunning bride!

The bridesmaids wore navy mismatched dresses.

Flower girl sweetness!

In traditional fashion, the bride and groom waited for the ceremony to see each other.

The groom, Brandon eagerly awaiting.

Smiles right before walking down the aisle.

The flower girl was also their daughter and stayed close to Mama's side throughout the ceremony.

Alta Vista Country Club's spacious green golf course was such a beautiful backdrop to showcase the couples portraits.


The cake was navy with gold to go with the rest of the wedding design.

The couple sneaked out for a few moments to themselves.



Venue: Alta Vista County Club


Florals: Victoria's Garden