live proposal

Sarah + Nick - A Surprise Pelican Hill Engagement

When your best friend gets engaged and you’re in the wedding industry - it’s kind of a big deal. Years ago my high school best friend, Sarah and I reconnected. For a good time I was hearing about her boyfriend and at that time, she already knew this was the man she wanted to marry. Naturally I made it my mission to hang out with him asap and as much as a could. Does anyone else have a hard time breaking this wall down with their friends sometimes? Maybe it’s the boys not wanting to be judged or they just want to be with their guy friends? I don’t know. But for some reason it seems to always be a little difficult am I right? And now Nicky knows I’m the funnest so theres that!

So once I finally got in to Sir Nick’s busy schedule, I was absolutely in love with him - that is in love with him for my best friend to marry. Passed the test.

Years later when he started planning his proposal, I was so honored to be included in the planning process. It was one of the hardest things holding back as a creative, but I wanted this to be about him and his woman. So with just a tiny bit of help from me - and lots of photographs he surprised his bride and made (to date) the best night of her life!

I loved, loved being able to capture this for now, two of my best friends! XOXO