Essential Wedding Day Tips

From your photographers

Getting Ready

When I arrive, I usually start with the details. Enlist a bridesmaid to keep all these together and give them to me: invitations (bring two!), rings, veil, shoes, dress, hair pieces, perfume, jewelry, flowers, and any other things that make your wedding day special.

Consider what the rings will be in - vintage ring box, shell, something special from the family...

Consider having a special hanger for your wedding dress. 

Please bring two sets of your invitations, this way the front and back can be photographed at the same time. One of the invitations should have your names and a dummy address in calligraphy.

Now, this is your time with your girls! Matching floral robes and mimosas make for great pictures. Listen to music, have some girl time, and have FUN. Try to get ready in a room with lots of windows. Natural light makes a huge difference. The cleaner the room the better. NO clutter! All bridesmaids should be dressed and ready before the bride so they are not wearing tanks and yoga pants when buttoning up that beautiful bridal gown.


Don't forget to smile when you walk down the aisle. Your nerves can be all over the place, but take a deep breath and shine like the goddess you are. 

When holding your bouquet aim for your belly button. This creates a nice shape for your arms and prevents you from holding it too high or too low. 

When walking down the aisle post ceremony - don't rush it. Go slowly and allow all your guests to see you and also allowing us to capture the moment in more ways than one. (Same for any grand exists!)

The Kiss

Ask your officiant to step aside for the kiss. Better yet enlist your planner to tell them! Then, on the day of have someone remind him or her to make sure this actually happens. Hey, they get nervous too! This will allow your pictures to focus on the two of you without Rev Bob awkwardly standing RIGHT behind you. 

Lock lips for longer than you think you should. Holding that kiss longer than what feels natural will give us time to capture multiple shots of the special moment. So when in doubt, kiss again, and again!

Don't feel silly if you want to practice. You may find out you and your person differ a little on how much you think is appropriate in front of grandma, it can help with nerves of an audience, etc.

Touch but keep it PG. No mushed faces either. Having your hands at your side can look like kissing a stranger, but make sure your touches are light. Pushing into each others arm fat does not help anyone. And thats the last thing you want to be thinking of when looking at the pictures. Be soft with each other you can really go for it later! 

Get your bridal party involved. So very often a maid of honor or best man are in the side of the shot. Make sure they know not to zone out, but to look excited and enthused. 

Go slow and focus on your fiance. Last thing you want to do is clash each others teeth and smoosh your faces together. Try and forgot the audience and focus on what just happened - you guys are married! That sweet emotion will come across your face. :)


Throughout the day

Practice good posture. Arching your back, even when sitting down will make you look more confident. 

Fake laughter actually looks very good. Don't feel silly if you need to force a HA HA! it often brings a genuine smile

Arms: Don't press your arms against your body. Create a small separation between your body and your arms. This trick not only makes your arms look smaller, but defines your waistline, which makes your torso appear slimmer.

Chin: Remember chin out and then down. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth - its odd but it works!

Legs: Renaissance painters often posed subjects contrapposto, with most of their weight on one leg. It gives you a more relaxed, curvaceous look.

Hands: Remember that 30 Rock episode when Jack had to clutch a mug when he was on TV because he didn't know what to do with his hands? Same concept: Hold onto a bouquet, veil, your dress, a hip—or your husband's hand.

But remember: The best images of the night are usually candid—the ones where you are looking authentically like you. When the bride and groom are ignoring me (really!), I often get the best shots. That means pretend I'm not there and just enjoy the moment may be the best strategy. RELAX. Celebrities are extremely skilled at looking relaxed, think Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They look effortless just exiting buildings. So channel your inner It girl—even if it’s only for one night.

Watch how much you drink. Especially in the morning, feeling boozy feels great but does not look great on camera. And make sure you hydrate yourself throughout the day.




Before the Big Day

Drink lots of water for luminous skin.

Lotion, lotion, lotion.

Don't forget about the little things like nails, brows, and teeth whitening. 

Practice smiling. The more you do, the more it will feel natural. 


Stand with the sun behind you. It creates a lovely, luminous effect. Additionally, take pictures in open shade—full sun can create squinty eyes, while dappled shade makes skin look splotchy. Also, note that the best time of day to take outdoor photos is right after sunset. It's when light is the prettiest.

A note on choosing Group Photo locations